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ContyAds is a unique tool for making money


 For advertisers:

ContyAds is a unique advertising tool. New types of advertisement on one platform at affordable prices are what many advertisers are looking for. Users from all over the world will see your advertisement and visit your site. High-quality advertising doesn't have to cost a lot. Tens of thousands of ContyAds users will see your advertisement, and we are sure that many ContyAds users will be interested in your offer! ContyAds will do everything necessary to promote your business!

Advertisement on ContyAds:

*PTC Ads (Surfing sites) - Sites will open in a new tab with an iframe. Users are forced to view advertisements until the timer runs out.
*PTC Banner Ads (Surfing banners) - (new type of advertising) The member initially sees your banner or pictures 250x250. The sites will open in a new tab with an iframe.
Users are forced to view advertisements until the timer runs out.
*Banner Ads - Banner 728x90. The banner will be displayed on our network. On the site, in the login section of the personal account, in the registration section, in the most prominent places of the personal account, in the surfing sites section and so on. This is a huge number of impressions.
*Video Ads - Videos will open in a new tab with an iframe. Users are forced to view advertisements until the timer runs out. After viewing, you go to the site.
*Login Ads - Before the user enters the account, they will be forced to view your advertising/site within 10 seconds. Only after the end of the timer and confirmation will the user gain access to the account, and they will also have the opportunity to go to the advertised site if they are interested in your offer. This is the most effective form of advertising! This ad is bought for a day (24 hours). During the day (24 hours) only 2 advertisements will be visible. This is a huge stream of new clients!

 To earn money:

ContyAds is a unique tool for making money.

Active members with a team of referrals will make big bucks all the time. In projects such as ContyAds, it is very easy to invite, as without any investment everyone can earn $100-300 per month. So far, there is no project similar to ContyAds on the Internet. The advantages of ContyAds are large rewards for advertising views, many types of earnings, a website translated into many languages.

New types of earnings await you:
*PTC Ads (Site surfing)
*PTC Banner Ads (Banner surfing)
*Video Ads (watching videos)

You will find your ref. link on the main page of the "Referral Link" account, and in the "advertising tools" section you will find banners of different sizes in different languages to promote your ref. links.

How to get referrals?

Many members will buy PTC ads on other Faucet/PTC sites.
Other members will buy banner ads from ad network sites like Adhitz, A-ads, Moonads, Mellowads, Cointraffic, Bitmedia, Coinverti, coinpayu, etc.
Some members will use traffic exchange sites.

But there are also opportunities for attracting partners for free
Forums: Create a thread on the best forums and share your referral link along with a short description of contyads.com
Signing on forums: If you can't create a thread, that's not a problem. You can participate in forums using a personal signature containing your referral link to contyads.com
Social media activity: Share your referral link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Reddit, Myspace, Badoo, etc.
Create a blog: write a blog post about our website and share your referral link.
Create YouTube Videos: Make a video about contyads.com and tell people how it works! Submit your video to YouTube, Vimeo.com, Dailymotion.com and Bitchute.com
Offer your friends a referral discount. This means that you can share a portion of your income with them to encourage them to sign up with your referral link.

 Referral program

From the income of your referrals
Level - 10%
Level 2 - 5%
Level 3 - 5%
From the amount of replenishment of the balance
Level 1 - 10%

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